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  • Whistleblowing For Energy Sector Employees

    For example, the rules covering disclosures ‘in other cases’ are extremely strict, among other things, you must not be acting for personal gain. It’s important to remember, however, that you may not be protected if you break another law in blowing the whistle. For example, if you’ve signed the Official Secrets Act as part of…

  • Code 1 Reporting Breaches Of The Law

    By contrast, companies where people can speak up are organisations where every employee is an early warning system, where improvement and change are normal. meldesystem-whistleblower should act now to ensure that their speak up channels are aligned with the requirements of the directive and national laws in those countries in which they operate. The report…

  • Data Protection Policy For Service Users

    The amount of time data is kept before being disposed of will vary depending on why it was collected, how it is used, and in line with any applicable UK laws. Our retention and disposal schedule gives details about how long we keep data. This information will also be available from individual services own Privacy…

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